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Snapchat copies Instagram for the first time, introduces new GIF stickers

Snapchat has recently released some new features to its app after a major redesign that company introduced earlier this...

Feb 21 ·>
Instagram Snapchat

Google AI can predict heart disease through your eyes faster than doctors

Google’s Artificial Intelligence software can now predict person’s heart condition by just observing into his/her eyes. According to the...

Feb 20 ·>

Samsung Galaxy S9 new default ringtone “Over The Horizon” will make your heart flutter

Samsung has revealed a new version of default ringtone “over the Horizon” for Galaxy S9 after revealing other innovative...

Feb 20 ·>

This is the new phone-controlled paper airplane

All those paper airplanes loving kids have just got an upgraded version. Powerup has launched its phone-controlled paper airplane...

Feb 19 ·>

Over 50,000 Snapchatters are facing “phishing attacks”!

Snapchat is under a Phishing attack from last July, which the company believes is co-related with the Dominica Republic....

Feb 19 ·>
snapchat phishing

Samsung is all in on Galaxy S9 to beat Apple’s iPhone X

Samsung is going to launch its new Galaxy, the S9 flagship next week with the more advanced feature as...

Feb 19 ·>

Huawei is in trouble in the US

During a Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, 6 top Intelligence Agencies Warned American citizens to avoid using mobiles phones...

Feb 15 ·>

Google unveils Snapchat-style format for its AMP stories

Snapchat has got another copier in the industry. Google has launched its AMP “Visually Rich’ stories today which are...

Feb 14 ·>

Facebook’s default privacy settings are “illegal”, court rules

A German court has ruled Facebook’s 8 clauses in terms of services to be illegal and breach of consumer...

Feb 14 ·>

No new feature for next iOS, Apple will focus on improving operating system!

Apple has been the face of innovation in the tech industry for last 10 years. The Cupertino-giant always come...

Feb 13 ·>
iOS 11

Teens have lost interest in Facebook, report

Facebook is abruptly losing its young users this year as compared to last year, says a report from Research...

Feb 13 ·>

Microsoft admits the death of Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Senior program manager Brandon Le Blac has confirmed that Microsoft is no longer providing any new feature and...

Feb 12 ·>

Are Software Algorithms racially biased too?

MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab is conducting research that facial recognition technology tends to be biased in...

Feb 12 ·>