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Sarwat is a journalist and DIY enthusiast. She loves writing about Startups and Businesses. She is heading Islamabad and surrounding areas for news coverage.


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Satoru Iwata, the man behind success of Nintendo, dies at 55

Satoru Iwata, the president of Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co., Ltd, has died of cancer at the age...

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Jul 13 ·>

Government to install tracking anklets on 1600 terrorism suspects

Pakistan’s law enforcement agency will be installing tracking anklets on 1600 people placed on Fourth Schedule (terror suspects) to...

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Jul 12 ·>

9 inspiring Quotes for Pakistani Women to embrace entrepreneurship

We have seen several women entrepreneurs emerged from the Pakistani tech community in the past few years. This might...

Jul 11 ·>

Government websites to be translated into Urdu, orders the Prime Minister

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has ordered to make Urdu as an official language for all government communications including national...

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Jul 10 ·>

Convo revamps the web application; adds targeted comments and over 400 integration tools

Convo, a real-time collaboration service, revamped and redesigned its web application from ground up with new features, efficient controls,...

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Jul 8 ·>

Major blackout in Pakistan, Karachi plunges into total darkness

Last night, a 220 KV transmission line suffered a major technical fault at the national grid resulting in a...

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Jul 8 ·>

Pakistani Hackers hacked Indian website out of moral responsibility

Pakistani hackers group “Hacked Pak Cyber Attackers” defaced the website of Chhatisgarh National Institute of Technology (NIT) and replaced...

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Jul 3 ·>
Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Website

PTCL Blogger’s Meetup: Charji EVO LTE Tab did not meet our expectations

PTCL launched Pakistan’s first 4G Charji EVO LTE Tab at Atrio Cafe and Grill, Islamabad, yesterday. This is the...

Jul 3 ·>

Pakistan Education Department using FBI-certified forensic-quality fingerprint scanners in rural areas

Pakistan Education Department is using world’s smallest and lightest FBI-certified fingerprint scanners to verify the identity of teachers in...

Jul 1 ·>

Passengers can now travel on Etihad Airways with PIA tickets

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has signed a code-sharing agreement with the UAE-based Etihad Airways which will allow passengers to...

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Jun 30 ·>

This Ramadan, teach your kids the story of Islam through an interactive app

Alpha Apps, an Abu-Dhabi based mobile apps developer, launched the first mobile app for children that tells the life...

Jun 29 ·>

Engineering students can take a year off to start their own ventures

The state government of Kerala, India is now allowing engineering students to take a one-year break in order to...

Jun 26 ·>

Internet speeds in Pakistan to reduce significantly in next few days

Internet users in Pakistan will experience slow Internet and disrupted connectivity due to a fault in one of the...

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Jun 25 ·>
Slow connection as a snail