Zain Peracha

is a 20 year old Karachiite currently studying Management Sciences in junior year at LUMS and his passions of particular significance revolve around indie music, thriller fiction novels and white chocolate. All of the aforementioned, however, are trumped by love for gadgets and all things tech.

Zain Peracha

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10 Popular Facebook Pages in Pakistan

With a population north of 180 million people, both rural and urban, Pakistan has now become the sixth most...

Jul 13 · >

RECONNECT: The to-be destination for your upcoming start-up

Ever found yourself cursing your luck because your start-up just isn’t getting the traction you believe it deserves. You’ll...

Jul 10 · >

App Review: Gullu Butt Kutt Session

With every major outburst of popularity on social media follows a lag, a lag after which all other mediums...

Jul 7 · >

What happened at Google I/O 2014

The much awaited Google I/O keynote kicked off at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco at 9:00 AM and...

Jun 26 · >

5 reasons to go with Google flagship devices

In lieu of the upcoming Google I/O event, the people back at TechJuice have decided it’s due time out...

Jun 23 · >

Top 10 Reasons To Root Your Android Device

Android 101: Rooting for dummies. Rooting, as the name aptly states, entails gaining access to not only the consumer...

Jun 18 · >

Top 10 Budget 3G Smartphones for Pakistanis

In keeping with April’s announcements, there is one word now being uttered more often than almost any other. In...

Jun 11 · >

10 Growth Hacks for Pakistani Startups

As Pakistan finally begins to accept the inevitability of the digital age and starts moving away from the days...

Jun 6 · >

The role of Startup Incubators in Pakistan [Infographic]

Update Typo: A previous version of the story mentioned Pakistan’s entire tech industry approx. 1 million that’s incorrect. The correct...

Jun 5 · >

What happened at Apple Keynote: WWDC 2014

“It’s the little things that matter” would probably be the one sentence the describes Apple’s event from the morning...

Jun 3 · >