Avoid Deleting Your ‘Threads’ Profile If You Love Your Instagram Account

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Threads, a Meta-owned messaging platform is getting million of signups since it was launched last week. Threads, a rival of Twitter uses an Instagram account to log in and access the platform. Since its launch, Instagram users are flocking toward a Meta-owned Twitter rival. The company says, 10 million people signed up in just seven hours after its launch.

Meta explains Threads as an ‘Instagram text-based messaging app’ as there is something notable in this phrase. It does not just mean that your Instagram username ports over to Threads and you will be able to enjoy the same followers as you have on Instagram. It also indicates that once a user creates a Threads profile, there will be no other option to delete it until a user is ready to delete their Instagram account.

The company has made access easy for users by just downloading the app and getting access using their Instagram accounts. The application does not require any further details or processes to login. Once you join the app, you can quickly follow all those whom you follow on images and video-sharing platforms. Undoubtedly, it’s an easy process, but here’s a catch.

Indeed, it’s an amazing platform and does not require any difficult process but as soon as you decide to delete your Threads account, you will be requested to delete the linked Instagram account.

In addition, users cannot create a Threads account until and unless they have their Instagram profile, and there is the option to deactivate a Threads account, which indicates that the account is no longer available to access for anyone to view and interact with.

Meta has already mentioned in a ‘Supplementary Privacy Policy’ that users may deactivate their Threads profile anytime.

As we know, threads use an Instagram account to log in and get access, it may be deleted at any time by deleting your Instagram account. However, a user can deactivate the temporary account. According to the company, users’ profile threads, replies, and likes will not appear until users reactivate the account by logging back in.

Moreover, the company states that “deactivating your Threads profile won’t delete your Threads data or affect your Instagram account”.

When a user deletes their Threads profile, the content and profile will be hidden from view by other users, but the information will remain on Threads servers. The information will be deleted from the Threads server if a user deletes individual Threads content.

How ‘Threads’ Work?

When you start using your Instagram account, it will ask you your data credentials including your name, photo, and other details. In the same way, Thread is interlinked with Instagram and it collects information that Instagram possesses.

Meta states that, “it uses information collected for the purpose to provide, personalized and improve Threads and other Meta products among others. In contrast, there is no transparency on whether Instagram will still be able to use the Threads data even after the account on the Twitter rival is deactivated.

On the other hand, the company has already mentioned that “users have a variety of tools to view, manage download and delete their Threads information, users may also have other privacy rights under applicable laws”.


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