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Boycott Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for 24 hours, Faceblock campaign

Written by Mohammad Jamal ·  1 min read >

The users of Facebook are being urged to stop using the platform for one day, protesting against the company’s misconduct in the Cambridge Analytica where 87 million Facebook profiles were used, without permission from subscribers. “Faceblock” is a group of campaigners who are asking people to take part in a 24-hours online protest. The protest is to refuse the use of Facebook’s platforms and apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, for 24 hours.

The campaign “Faceblock” has been planned to coincide with Mark Zuckerberg’s speech before US Congress on 11 April, where the CEO will be testifying about the data breach.

Laura Ullman, a spokeswoman for the campaign of Faceblock, issued a statement regarding the matter

“We wanted to organize some direct action where lots of people could say that they love Facebook but want to see it improved. We chose the day as we want to show Zuckerberg and also the US government that we want change. It’s Facebook’s responsibility to manage their platform, but it’s also the responsibility of governments to ensure companies protect data and to regulate monopolies. By not using the platform for a day, it’s a virtual demonstration that is easy to do but will send a powerful message that we demand better,”

Some users, as well as some big celebrities, have started a campaign “deletefacebook” account completely. Faceblock says that this is not feasible for everyone, as many still love using Facebook and its other platforms, and that the company has created a monopoly in some countries, the only point of entry to the internet is through Facebook. The company is the only source of news in some places.

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Written by Mohammad Jamal
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