New PTA Taxes On iPhone SE 2022 (Updated May 2023)

iPhone has its class and everyone wants to keep an iPhone in their pocket. If you are willing to...

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May 22 · >

Google Pixel Phone Could Possibly Be Used as Dashcams Soon

Planned to be placed under the ‘Personal Safety’ app, the dashcam feature is offered by other Android competitors such...

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May 19 · >

OpenAI Launches Official ChatGPT App For iOS Users

Since the launch of chatGPT, it has taken the world by storm. Now, chatGPT is going mobile. Recently, OpenAI...

May 19 · >

Apple’s Beats Launches Studio Buds – It’s First Transparent Product in Ages

Beats new version of its Studio Buds is not just transparent but also includes a number of new features...

May 18 · >

Google Announces Pixel Fold: But Its Price Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Apart from the Google Pixel Fold, Google also unveiled a budget friendly Pixel 7a and new Pixel Tablet at...

May 11 · >

Google Announced The Launch Of Pixel Fold

Google has entered the mobile phone market and first time launched its foldable phone. Further details will be announced...

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May 6 · >

Pakistan Withdraws Regulatory Duties On Mobile Phones: Big Decrease In Prices

Great news for mobile phones and car lovers.  The government has decided to decrease the regulatory duties on the...

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May 4 · >

New PTA Taxes On iPhone XR:May 2023

If you are planning to buy an iPhone in Pakistan, so it’s important to know that the national telecom...

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May 2 · >

Leaked Images Of the Flagship Phone Google Pixel 7a Showing New Design

New images have appeared of the Pixel 7a, but this time, we’re getting actual pictures of the device instead...

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May 1 · >

The Entire iPhone 15 LineUp Will See A Price Hike-Upto 20%

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely be more expensive than their previous generation...

Apr 28 · >

India’s First Apple Store Draws Long Queues on Opening Day

People from different parts of India came outside the store to catch a glimpse of Apple CEO Tim Cook,...

Apr 19 · >

Motorola Is Manufacturing An Affordable Folding Phone: Razr Lite 2023

Motorola plans to release the fourth iteration of its foldable flip handset, Razor 2023. Previously, Motorola announced the launch...

Apr 18 · >

Apple iPhone 15 Pro May Not Have New Solid-State Volume Button:As Per Kuo

Apple has planned to bring a significant design change to iPhone 15 Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the respected...

Apr 12 · >