Pakistani researcher develops a facial recognition tool that recognises in complete darkness

Two scientists from a German university have developed a facial recognition tool which recognises a human face in complete...

Jul 30 ·>

Samsung’s new commercial image sensor reaches 1μm pixel size – First in the industry

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung has announced the mass production of the mobile industry’s first ever image sensor...

Jul 30 ·>

Telecom companies can now share data with local law authorities

Sindh government has agreed that telcos and local law authorities should work hand in hand for the prevention of...

Jul 30 ·>
IT and Telecom Industry

iCirculate is focusing on recycling old electronic gadgets

Have you ever wondered what happens to the electronic gadgets that you throw away? Most of them end up...

Jul 30 ·>

Why you should not upgrade to Windows 10

Today marks the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest and reportedly, last entry into their Windows OS line of...

Jul 29 ·>
Microsoft Windows 10

Forget Selfie Sticks, Samsung brings you a Selfie Drone

Selfies have taken over the social media. Your presence in a large group of friends isn’t memorable until a...

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How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free right now

Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 upgrade we all have been waiting for. The upgrade was available from...

Windows 10

Musk, Hawking & others want ban on AI weapon systems

A large number of researchers and experts in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics signed an open...

Jul 28 ·>

3G prices raised after new tax imposed on the Internet

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last two months then you probably don’t know that the...

Jul 28 ·>

Bangladeshi Hackers seem to have taken a liking for Pakistani Startups

There have been two hacking incidents reported on young Pakistani startups in the past few days. In both incidents,...

Jul 28 ·>

Pakistan’s relation with notorious Italian spyware & surveillance company Hacking Team

On July 5, 2015, an unidentified group of hackers published 400 gigabytes worth of internal data from Italian company...

Jul 28 ·>
Hacking Team In Pakistan

8 reasons why Microsoft Azure is the right platform for your website

You may have often asked yourself this question and searched for possible reasons as to why Microsoft Azure is...

Jul 28 ·>

Attention gamers! Here’s a lightweight solution for streaming PC games

If you’re a gamer then you must have faced this dilemma where the game you wanted to play is...

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