Attention gamers! Here’s a lightweight solution for streaming PC games

If you’re a gamer then you must have faced this dilemma where the game you wanted to play is...

Jul 28 ·>

This jewelry item can teach young girls how to code

Wearable technology has gathered a considerable hype over the last couple of years, mostly due to the smartwatches introduced...

Jul 28 ·>

After backlash Facebook opens for all mobile operators

Facebook is celebrating one year of the introduction of the app in Zambia – the first country where...

Jul 27 ·>

This Samsung LED monitor can charge your phone wirelessly

Monitors have always been for one dimensional usage, but a new innovation from Samsung is looking to change the...

Jul 27 ·>

Punjab Government makes up its mind, imposes tax again on Internet Services

The Punjab Government has finally made up their mind. According to a report released by The News, the Punjab...

Jul 26 ·>
Internet Tax

China signs its biggest defense deal with Pakistan Navy

Pakistan and China signed a multi-billion dollar deal on Thursday according to which China will provide the Pakistan Navy...

Jul 25 ·>

Everything you need to know about Earth’s ‘bigger, older cousin’

NASA keeps hitting home runs. After finally reaching Pluto, NASA announced on Thursday that their planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope...

Jul 24 ·>

Pakistani telecom companies overcharging subscribers & avoiding taxes

The Senate Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication has revealed that cellular companies are overcharging subscribers. According to Senator...

Jul 24 ·>

Why the world needs more women in tech

NextGeneration Recruitment, an Irish firm, has released an infographic that includes the number of women in tech from around...

Jul 24 ·>

10 reasons why Windows 10 should be on your priority list

The entire world is divided on OSs’ that are installed on their tablets, desktops and laptops. Every other day...

Jul 24 ·>

Take the “Google Yourself” challenge and see which of your secrets live online

Googling Yourself may sound like a narcissistic act but when you are building a startup or a personal brand,...

Jul 23 ·>

DeliveriT gets hacked week after launch

DeliveriT certainly has had quite an eventful day. After the startup had a week-long launch, their website was hacked...

Jul 23 ·>
Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Website

SIM Card, as we know it, is about to disappear forever

The SIM card as we know it is about to die. Apple and Samsung are in talks with mobile...

Jul 22 ·>
Apple And Samsung Makes a New Sim Card