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China’s First Home-Grown Cruise Ship Is Almost 90% Completed: It’s Cables Could Span The Entire World

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

A significant step taken in China’s development appears to be the country’s first foray into the advanced manufacturing of large cruise ships.

Cruise ships are one of the most challenging and intricate ones to construct and are sometimes called “floating cities.”

China always seems to take the initiative in bringing innovations and new technology into the country. This time China is planning to deliver its first large cruise ship. Previously, we have also noticed that the country took critical steps towards boosting its self-reliance on advanced manufacturing.

According to the State Media reports, China’s first home-grown cruise ship, the H1508 vessel, has been in process since October 2019 and will be afloat in May 2023.

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According to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, the ship makers held a news briefing on Friday and said that the ship’s sea trials would start in July, and the ship is planned to be delivered by the end of the year.

However, the company has not mentioned the buyer’s name or destination. In contrast, the construction on the cruise ship is 80%, as per the news revealed by officials.

Last year, Liu Jianbin had the opportunity to board the ship. The H1508’s inaugural voyage will mark the beginning of a new era for Chinese cruise ships, according to the CEO of Shangchuanba, a high-end cruise service company in China.

“The manufacturing of cruise ships is seen as the most dazzling pearl in the crown that is the ship-making industry,” Liu said.

Undoubtedly, the ship’s delivery will surely make a breakthrough I’m China’s shipbuilding as well as its advanced manufacturing efforts.

However, the large cruise ships, also called “floating cities,” are indeed the most challenging and intricate ships to work on. Hence, the process is quite tricky due to the required technologies and the complexity of the manufacturing process.

Until now, the cruise will remain the only type of advanced, high-value-added ship that China has yet to produce.
Europe and South Korea are the ones who are pioneers, and they exclusively create the world’s largest cruise ships. At the same time, foreign companies like Royal Caribbean International and Costa cruises are currently operating in China.

According to the China State Shipbuilding, this is an extraordinary ship. At the same time, the parts used in H1508 are about five times that of the C919 aircraft. Whereas 13 times that of the fluxing high-speed train.

According to the shipbuilder, the length of the cable layout in the vessel spans 4,200 km (2,610 miles). In contrast, the travel distance from China’s easternmost city of Fuyuan in Heilongjiang province to its westernmost city of Kashgar in Xinjiang is around 4,650 km, as the crew files.

However, the company also stated that the cruise ship requires 20 times more person-hours to build than a “Capesize” shipping vessel.
According to China State shipbuilding, “The consensus among industry insiders is that large cruise ships are not just a ship. But a supreme masterpiece and comprehensive collection of modern industries”.

In August, Waigaoqiao started building China’s second-largest cruise ship. The second largest cruise ship will be H1509, which will complete in 2025.

The second largest cruise ship will be 371 meters long or 17.4 meters longer than its predecessors. The H1509 will be an excellent cruise ship with 2,144 guest rooms. And will possess a maximum navigation speed of 22.7 knots.

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