Comsats University faculty members boycott exams to demand proper service structure

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June 18, 2019
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The faculty members of Comsats University, Islamabad campus in particular and other campuses too, have boycotted exams to demand proper service structure from university management which had irresponsibly issued show cause notices to senior faculty members and had also suspended some faculty members in the past. Comsats teachers are protesting against the irregularities of university management.

The faculty members that initially started a boycott campaign in Islamabad campus demanded job security, medical insurance, timely promotions and merger of ad-hoc allowances from the university administration. The Comsats Institute of Information Technology was upgraded as a university a year ago. The protesters were of the view that since last year, administrative mismanagement has increased in the university. The strike, which was also observed in other campuses of the university, is likely to continue for days and students of the university are also supporting the cause.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #COMSATSonBoycott is trending on Twitter (as of writing) where many Comsats university students and faculty members of other educational institutes are also participating to raise their voice against Universities irregularities.

Despite the exams being postponed, most of the students were still supporting the cause of the faculty and swore to protect their rights at every cost.

Previously, citing the university’s management ‘illegal’ steps, the teachers had formed an association to protect their interests and highlight wrongdoings of the management. The stance of the Academic Staff Association (ASA) on the matter at hand is shared below;

As the university comes directly under the science and technology ministry, therefore, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mr. Fawad Ch has called the ASA representatives to hear their stance.

According to the reports of local TV channels, the exams of 40,000 students have been postponed which posses a question mark on the future and credibility of Comsats university.

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