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Finally WhatsApp Has Started Its Multi-Account Support To Beta Testers

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Some WhatsApp Beta users won’t require multiple copies of the account to use multiple accounts. WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform owned by Meta.Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platform across the world not only for personal use but also for business professionals.

WhatsApp is constantly working to increase its features and to bring improvements in the app. It has earned its reputation through constant updates since first launching on Android devices in 2010. This year, WhatsApp has introduced many advanced features to facilitate its users.

As Whatsapp has brought many features including video calls and recordings,one feature it still lacks, however it’s a multi account system that enable users to access more than one account at the same time. In June, WhatsApp had started its work on an account-switching feature for Business beta users.

Now some beta users can enjoy the new feature of using multiple accounts at the same time by downloading the WhatsApp beta version Testers can enjoy the new feature of account-switching by tapping on the arrow displayed next to the QR code on the top-right of Whatsapp’s settings screen.

This menu also enables seamless switching between multiple accounts. Here it is important to mention that newly added accounts remain active on the device until the user chooses to log out.

This feature will streamline the user’s experience by letting the consolidations of private chats,work conversations within a single app. This has been ensured that the notifications and conversations are kept separate for each account.

Beta users can check the card displayed at the bottom with the accounts they are currently logged into and click on an option to add another account. Whereas, some beta users may also get this feature through the previous version, its mostly shown up on a version

The Google Play Beta Program for Whatsapp is currently unavailable and maxed out for newcomers. Moreover ,testers can now send avatars to the users. Since Meta has acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for a reported $19 billion.Since then Whatsapp is enhancing its features and trying to incorporate new features to make an app competitive. It’s gives a sense of pleasure that the company is still pouring lot of resources into the internationally popular app time to time.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on this new multi-account feature by establishing a menu that enable users to choose an account of their choice. When a new account is created for the very first time,it automatically saves on the device until the user logs out of it.

The new feature will enable users to manage separate personal and professional conversations, along with other social activities. This will ensure the user privacy on all the concerned accounts as well as manage notifications efficiently by being able to customize them for every account and allows you to switch between the different accounts effortlessly.

Though, the feature is currently spotted on a beta development version of the business app. Usually it happens, when the platform releases an Android feature, an iOS version of the same follows. WhatsApp first test all its features to beta users and then bring it for normal WhatsApp users.

The new multiple account feature is going to be extremely useful when it will be available for public. In the meantime, there are still a few different workarounds for using multiple WhatsApp numbers on one device.

This advanced feature simplifies the process of managing multiple accounts on a single device. Instead of managing separate accounts, users can now conveniently use one app on their primary device to access and switch between multiple accounts.

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