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Instagram Might Introduce Longer Reels to Compete With TikTok

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Instagram Reels
Famous leaker ‘Alessandro Paluzzi’ shared screenshots showing how Instagram might soon allow creators to make reels up to 10 minutes long

Meta’s photo and video sharing application ‘Instagram’ might soon introduce longer reels, competing with TikTok, who also introduced longer videos and received a positive response.

News about longer reels first came from Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared two side-by-side screenshots of reels pages, one of which allowed users to record 3 minute videos, which is the current standard for Instagram, whereas the other one allowed users to record reels that are 10 minutes long.

While Meta or Instagram have not confirmed any plans of releasing the 10 minute reel feature, its arrival was expected since TikTok’s release of the feature.

Initially launched for short clips that were engaging and quick, reels after the launch of this feature, will possibly also include larger YouTube-like videos such as 10 minute vlogs, product reviews and more.

10 minute videos will obviously open up a whole new niche for creators, even benefitting creators who are more comfortable making longer videos.

YouTube, which is currently pushing short-form video content, has undeniably been an unbeatable force in the long-video format will also receive some competition as more and more short video platforms introduce longer videos.

It’s unclear whether Instagram’s algorithm will recommend longer videos as much as it does for longer videos, what’s your take on the matter? Let us know in the comments below!


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