Mark Zuckerberg And Satya Nadella Confirms AI Deal: Partnership Announces On Instagram

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Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft confirm the AI deal on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella finalize the deal while announcing Meta’s Partnership with Microsoft to introduce the next generation of its AI large language model (LLM)

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has created an artificial intelligence system similar to chatGPT, but it’s taking a different approach: releasing it for free.
On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg said, “the company is partnering with Microsoft to introduce the next generation of its AI large language model and making the technology, known as Llama 2, free for research and commercial use.”


The two tech giants are happy to launch a new AI system and hopeful that it will bring tremendous success in the field of AI. To celebrate the partnership Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft posed for an Instagram photo presenting themselves in blue attire. Zuckerberg seems happy and expressed his gratitude to Satya Nadella and his team for making this collaboration possible.

The two tech giants, Google and Microsoft, Meta, have long had a strong research team of computer scientists and developers to advance AI technology.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently created a powerful AI system known as Llama 2. The system is designed to compete with popular language models like chatGPT. The main aim behind the project is to provide technology freely accessible for research and commercial purposes.

The partnership will undoubtedly bring significant development in the world of AI. Despite’s Microsoft previous project of Open AI, this new collaboration with Meta showcases the interest in diversifying their AI ventures beyond just the chatGPT platform.

The release of Llama 2 comes after the achievements of chatGPT. Indeed it has spurred a race among tech companies to develop such systems to capitalize on generative AI tools capable of releasing diverse content, including text, images, and other media forms.
While this partnership has made the netizens confused as to how the two tech giants will balance the system as it already owns OpenAI, which is the creator of chatGPT, a chatbot.

The company aims to provide a system that will empower developers to create innovative AI applications across various domains.
Llama 2 is not only accessible through Microsoft but also on other platforms, including Amazon Web services and AI startup Hugging Face. The new multi-platform availability focuses on the inclusive approach Meta is taking, ensuring that Llama 2 can be leveraged by diverse researchers and developers worldwide.

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