Meet Moqaam, the new entrant in Pakistan’s online recruitment space

By Asra Rizwan on
October 15, 2018
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In the past decade, online job portals have revolutionized the recruitment industry in Pakistan. These portals encompass various features to facilitate the posting and search for jobs in a hassle-free manner. While these portals have optimized the recruitment process for employees and employers alike, it still offers a lot of room for improvement, increased efficiency and innovation.

Moqaam, a new entrant in the Pakistani recruitment industry, is aspiring to revolutionize the job portal services. Aimed at enabling employers to optimize their recruitment efforts and job seekers to put their best foot forward, Moqaam has developed a state of the art system that integrates some interesting features. These features include,

Video Profiles

Conventional online portals operate by connecting job applicants and employers through profiles. For job seekers, the profile usually comprises of a resume, cover letter, and personal details. For every job, the recruitment team has to filter through hundreds of applications that almost look similar.

Here enters the Video Profiles feature of Moqaam. Now job seekers can create their resumes along with a video profile that can be used by companies to verify their experience. The feature allows job seekers to stand out amongst other applicants by recording a video up to three minutes. Similar to an e-meeting, this interaction brings an opportunity for job seekers to put their best foot forward by sharing their skills and experience comprehensively that can be supported by their resume.

Video Profiles are just as helpful for employers who are seeking prospective applicants. The feature eliminates the non-verifiable claims of a job seeker and helps recruitment officers better screen candidates by examining their confidence, body language, and communication skills.

Job Booster

Often times there are ample jobs available, however, recruiters are unable to reach their targetted audience. Similarly, job seekers are always on the lookout for opportunities by following employees working in their dream company. However, there was a need for an efficient mechanism which helps fill this gap.

Moqaam is addressing this need by integrating a robust feature in their portal, that is Job Booster. This feature enables employers to make their job postings viral through the social media accounts of their employees. Once a company signs up for Moqaam, it has an option to connect the social media account of all its employees to the system. This helps all employees be the ambassadors for their company and enable a job posting to go viral. This in term helps the job seekers who are always on the lookout to work in a niche company.

With the integration of these two features in their service and some major brands already onboard, Pakistan’s newest job portal is now eyeing to optimize and transform the tough exercise of recruitment.

Job seekers on the lookout for their next dream job can sign up on the platform for free.

If you are a company requiring hassle-free screening of potential talent, sign up for a 30-day free trial.


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