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Messenger now lets you add friends in on-going call without interruption

Avatar Written by Nimra Puri · 56 sec read>
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Facebook Messenger is now letting you add more people to a video or an audio call without distracting your ongoing call starting from today on iOS and Android phones, well, not sure for the desktop.

A person just has to tap the screen, select “add person” icon and then select who you want to add from your friends’ list, while all your favorite filters and effects are still available.

You can add up to 50 people in both video and audio calls but can see up to six people at a time and when you add more than six people then the main person talking will be shown on screen.Previously, if users wanted to add another person to the call they have to interrupt the call first and then will be able to add another person into the call which disturbed the conversation’s flow, but now you can easily add a person without interruption in a group chat room.

Facebook is trying to make communication forum easier and more flexible for its users. The company first launched group Video and Audio calls option back in 2016 later on, they add fun filters and stickers to make a video call lively and fun.

Facebook has always tried to come up with new exciting features, last year introduced a plugin that lets visitors to a website engage in live chat with a human or bot without leaving that website.

This new feature is available for iOS and Android users from today not sure about Desktop, however, the feature might be very intriguing for some users.