Now you can record 60 second long video on Snapchat

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

Little time has passed since Snapchat launched the “limitless” tool that allowed users to take snaps without the worry of time. And now the company has updated its platform once again, lifting the time limit on video recording.

Users can now record a video up to 60 seconds. Previously the time to record video was limited to 10 seconds. With the new “multi-Snap recording” feature users can not only record longer video but can also edit the video after it has been recorded.

The new update is easy to use, one just needs to hold the capture button on the app and it will record six clips in a row. The update is currently only available to iOS users with an update on Android rolling out soon.

Moreover, the company has also launched another feature alongside multi-Snap recording feature and that is “Tint Brush”. The feature allows one to change the color of his/her clothes, hair or any other object in the video. This feature can be accessed by just tapping on the Scissors icon in Snap.

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It would be worth mentioning here that your clips in the app will be saved in chronological order. You will have the liberty to delete a particular clip if you didn’t like it. This particular update has been rolled out to iOS and Android users simultaneously.

Furthermore, the company has recently launched a “magic eraser” tool that removes objects from your photos. Additionally, Snapchat has rolled out voice filters, allowing one to alter one’s recorded voice.

Moving onward, Snapchat has also released two more updates – the paperclip feature and on-demand geo-filters. Keeping the updates in view, one can surely say that the company is doing all it can to undermine the popularity of its competitor Instagram and also to make its platform more user-friendly.

Now let’s wait and see how Instagram reacts to this new update.