Nvidia CEO mocks AMD’s new GPU calling its performance “lousy”

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
January 11, 2019
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Nvidia and AMD are having a war of words over the latest GPU announcements at CES 2019. At a round table conference attended by several media outlets, Nvidia’s CEO reportedly said that AMD’s latest announcements are underwhelming and boldly claimed that the RTX 2080 would crush the latest Radeon VII in benchmarks. He further went on to say that the performance is “lousy.”

Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz, who was there during the conversation, described it as equivalent to her parents right after divorce. AMD’s CEO didn’t take the high road however and sought to politely turn down her counterpart’s remarks by suggesting he hasn’t seen the GPU in action yet. She further shot down his comments his other comments by saying: “I’m not gonna get into it tit for tat that’s just not my style.”

Regarding ray tracing, which is Nvidia’s new technology announced at CES, she said: “The consumer doesn’t see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready. I think by the time we talk more about ray tracing the consumer’s gonna see the benefit.”

So what exactly is ray tracing? Nvidia has developed that technology in cooperation with Microsoft and others and it is used to model light in realtime as it intersects objects. We have some demos where this technology is being used to improve games like Battlefield 5 but it is still in the early stages for now.

What are your thoughts regarding AMD’s and Nvidia’s announcements at CES? Which one appealed more to you? Let us know in the comments!

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