OpenAI Brings ‘Bing Search’ To ChatGPT:To Get The Latest Information

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ChatGPT, the creation of OpenAI, has transformed the world 360°. According to the latest news, subscribers to chatGPT Plus, the premium version of OpenAI’s powered chatbot, can now surf the web through chatGPT on mobile, but only through Bing. The users can enjoy browsing to get answers to their questions.


Process To Activate

To access the search option, the users must select GPT-4 in the model switcher and then select the search option from the new features section. The user can select ‘browse the Bing’ from the drop-down list. Now, users can enjoy the feature on both the iOS and Android chatGPT apps.

The company OpenAI states that ‘browsing is handy for queries relating to current events and other information that extend beyond chatGPT’s original training data”. When browsing is unable,chatGPT’s knowledge was cut off in 2021.

According to Microsoft and OpenAI, the users will be facilitated very soon with the feature, probably this year. Indeed it will be a helpful assistant for cahtGPT users.

Limiting chatGPT’s options to Bing facilitates and encourages user hostility. However, it has been noticed that OpenAI enjoys a close relationship and collaboration with Microsoft, as Microsoft has invested more than $10 billion in the startup. Hence, the business interest and motivation can be seen here. At the same time, Bing is one of many options to opt for when it comes to search engines.

According to the analysis conducted in 2011, Bing is the engine that undeniably favors Microsoft and provides more results from Microsoft than Google. Stanford research provides evidence of an “alarming” amount of disinformation.

Microsoft constantly works with an expert team of engineers to produce the best results. Microsoft is working hard and continues to improve Bing’s algorithm on the back end. In contrast, the drawback is when chatGPT’s new browsing feature, when Bing inevitably slips up, there are no other options for users to opt for.

On the other hand, OpenAI says, “Tapping on a search result now directly takes you to the desired point in the conversation. That change, along with browsing, is rolling out this week”.

In addition, chatGPT’s new addition is helpful for users willing to do the research and tries to summarise long research papers or any query related to research. Users can provide the exact link to the research paper while posing the question.

However, the bot can only generate errors if it gets exact information. This mostly happens when a website has a scanned copy of the content or contains an embedded link to the PDF. If the desired content is already on the website, it will provide results in just a few seconds.

Hence, the integration of chatGapat with Bing will facilitate users’ search for the latest information on the internet using the GPT-4 model.

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