P&G introduces a wand that applies facial makeup in real-time

By Muneeb Ahmad on
January 12, 2019
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Like every year, this year too, the Consumer Electronics Show has been a real hit. Ranging from e-bikes to huge TVs to laptops, we have seen a lot of tech products that left us in awe.

The newest tech product to appear on the cool gadget list of TechJuice is a hand-held device that Proctor & Gamble says could gauge and improve the makeup imperfections on one’s face in real-time. Introduced by the famous American multi-national consumer goods company, P&G, the product uses a tiny camera to scan the skin and then acts as a tiny inkjet printer to apply makeup as needed, in real-time.

Called “The Opté Precision Wand”, the device uses a tiny camera to record the screen on a huge 200 images per second. The visual data is then assessed by the computing chip in real-time so to detect any of the freckles, sunspots, or moles.

Here is Dean Takahashi from VentureBeat getting the treatment for himself.

Cutting-edge technology where removes the hassle of manually analyzing and applying the makeup, it also improves the sensitivity of this process. The device uses blue LED lights for sensing, enabling the camera based input to have to see pigmentation three times better than an eye. Once the analysis is done, The Opté uses tiny inkjet nozzles to spray makeup in an accuracy that goes up to one billionth of a liter through a total of 120 nozzles.

Proctor & Gamble hasn’t yet added a quote for this device but this device is expected to be released later this year or at the start of next year.

Featured Image —CNet, News Via Gizmodo

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