Qualcomm sues Apple again on sharing chip code with Intel

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Qualcomm Sues Apple

Apple and Qualcomm will see each other at court again as Qualcomm has filed another lawsuit against Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of sharing the proprietary code of chip software with Intel, according to the reports from Bloomberg.

Recently, Apple has been planning to quit using Qualcomm chips and was thinking on relying other options like Intel and MediaTek for its upcoming devices.

The lawsuit filed by Qualcomm claims that Apple breached a contract with Qualcomm in regard to software that’s required to allow mobile chips to interact with the phone’s panel. The company says that the engineers working with Intel may have been given access to key information about its competitor’s technologies.

The lawsuit filed yesterday in a state of the US, San Diego’s court suggest that the legal battle between the two companies that began earlier this year seems to be never-ending. The legal battle has badly impacted the infrastructure of Qualcomm as the company observes 90% drop in its profits in Q3 2017. A 4.5% percent decrease in the revenue of the company has also been reported.

The earlier dispute between these two companies was due to a change in supply arrangements under which Qualcomm has stopped providing some software for Apple to test its chips in its iPhone designs. The two companies are locked in a multinational legal dispute over the Qualcomm’s licensing terms to Apple.

As for now, Apple has been using chips from both Qualcomm and Intel mainly for its front panel and circuit boards. Apple could be dropping Qualcomm entirely as a result of the ongoing legal battle between the two companies.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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