Snapchat is finally removing its controversial redesign in the latest update

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April 9, 2018
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Snapchat may have finally acknowledged that users didn’t like some aspects of its total redesign. But now some users have reported seeing the Stories feed revert to the classic chronological order, rather than the algorithmically sorted feed. Snapchat is reverting those design changes and bring back old Snapchat with its latest update.

The algorithmic sorted feed, which makes Stories come up, from people you’re more likely to chat with or watch. This may have helped Snapchat attract new users as the company did see some growth improve in its latest quarter since the update.

However, the classic chronological order is great for everyone. This order helps newcomers connect with favorites and may help if you only interact with a handful of people. This order was best for people who were heavy users and wanted to catch Stories the moment they’re relevant, rather than hours later.

Snapchat made switching to algorithmic sorting the part of its redesign because it had helped Instagram and Twitter boost growth. The company had seen daily active users growth go exponentially down from 17% to under 3% per quarter after the launch of Instagram like Stories on Snapchat, but they saw new users joining Snapchat more due to the algorithmic sorting.

For the most hardcore Snapchat users who check their Snapchat constantly. This update has been met with joy and gratitude and this will likely to see their closest friends’ posts no matter when or how infrequently they posted.

Reverting the algorithmic sorted feed could make it tougher for newer and less consistent users of Snapchat who want to pop in and see the new content instead of having to sort through friends. The company might have to decide between preferencing it’s most engaged and loyal users or aiming to add more casual users.

The petition with over 1,250,000 people signatures demanded a redesign of the application. Snapchat initially refused to listen to its users, it seems as though the company is actually making moves reverting back to its old ways.

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