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These are the most popular brands on social media in Pakistan

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  1 min read >
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Before social media was all the rage, brands used to advertise their products on primarily print media or broadcast TV. However, social media is helping brands increase their reach significantly. Restaurants, food brands, electronic gadgets and smartphone manufacturers, and telecom giants all rely on social media to stay in touch with their followers. Not only this they rely strongly on this medium to market their forthcoming products.

Socialbakers, an international social media analytics company, has released a detailed report highlighting the social media statistics of the top 20 brands in Pakistan for the month of June. The report also mentions the brands leading in individual categories like top 5 Facebook brands, fastest growing Facebook pages, top 5 industries on Facebook etc. The report is split into separate figures for brands on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here’s a detailed look:


According to the report, Jazz, McDonald’s, Samsung, Electronics, and Red Bull are the top brands on Facebook. Jazz, of course, is widely regarded as the most innovative Pakistani brands when it comes to marketing strategies. Other than keeping their social media followers updated with their upcoming mobile packages and services, in June Jazz got into the spirit of the ICC Champions Trophy and kept their social media abuzz with regular updates. In the category of number of interaction, Pakistan TV, T Mobile, Playstation, Starbucks, and Nintendo of America took the lead. The report also stated that Soya Supreme has the fastest growing Facebook page with their number of followers increasing by 130,080. While in terms of the number of interactions per 1000 fans, Hamdard, a Pakistani manufacturer of herbal supplements, takes the lead. In the category of ‘Most Socially Devoted Brands’ Telenor took the lead with a response rate of 100% and a response time of 26 minutes.

The most popular industries on Facebook


In the categories of top 5 brands on Twitter and top 5 brands by number of interactions, the same brands took the lead as on Facebook. However, the fastest-growing Twitter profile went to Samsung Electronics, Everyday had the highest average post interaction per 1000 fans, and Huawei Mobile PK turned out to be the most socially devoted brand with 44,675 followers and an average response rate of 79.17%.


In the YouTube medium, Oppo took a lead in multiple categories by clinching the top spot in YouTube brands by uploaded video views, YouTube brands by subscribers, and the fastest growing YouTube channels in Pakistan. This summer has been a good one for Oppo so far with their launch of F3 in May and the announcement of their Oppo R11 high-end smartphone in June. Surf Excel took the lead in one category with the highest average interaction per 1000 fans.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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