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Student Uses AI Chatbot to Get Parking Fine Revoked

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
ChatGPT parking ticket
A student at the York University, Millie Houlton appealed against a £60 parking fine through a letter written by ChatGPT

We have all used ChatGPT for help with our assignments, writing codes or even for playing Tic-Tac-Toe, but 22-year-old Millie Houlton from the York University just saved herself from a £60 (21,000 PKR) parking ticket, by taking help from ChatGPT.

After receiving the parking fine, Miss Houlton said that she felt too lazy to write a letter to the council and explain to them about the situation, and she thought that she would much rather pay the £60 fine than write a letter to the council.

Feeling lazy about writing the letter, Miss Houltoun found the perfect solution, which was ‘ChatGPT’. She went over to ChatGPT and requested the AI chatbot to help her “write a letter to the council, they gave me a parking ticket.”

Responding to Miss Houltoun’s request, ChatGPT wrote a letter for the council, mentioning all different details about the case in a convincing manner, thus ultimately helping her to get the parking fine revoked and save £60.

Miss Houlton said that the parking fine was wrongly issued, since being a student, she was allowed and had a permit to park on her street. However, being so busy with her final year academic work, she just didn’t have the energy to write a letter to the council, but thankfully, ChatGPT had her back.

Describing her experience, Miss Houlton said that “I put in all my details about where and when it happened, why it was wrong and my reference for the fine and it came back with this perfectly formed personalised response within minutes.”

Submitting her response to the union was all Miss Houlton had to do, she said that the ChatGPT letter “said I was a student and that I had paid for my permit for two years and I wasn’t going to deliberately park somewhere I shouldn’t,” thus describing the whole situation in a convincing and calm manner.


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