Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are down

As of now, numerous Microsoft services including Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are experiencing outages for multiple users. According...

Apr 2 · >

Microsoft’s recent cloud outage affects Teams, Azure and Xbox Live

In recent news, numerous Microsoft products which are dependent on cloud infrastructure are currently facing issues. This is said...

Mar 16 · >

Cloud ecosystem skyrockets its market value by billions in 2020

With almost everything now virtual, the Cloud ecosystem has been massively skyrocketing in the market to huge heights. The...

Feb 10 · >

Microsoft set to report record earnings boosted by cloud computing, video gaming

Microsoft is expected to post record quarterly sales figures today, largely driven by the pandemic-fueled demand for its Xbox...

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Jan 26 · >

Microsoft creates a portable data center with Elon Musk as one of the first partners

Imagine being able to access the power of cloud computing even within a remote, far flung region. This is...

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Oct 22 · >

Microsoft is offering $100,000 to anyone who can hack its Azure Sphere OS

Microsoft is willing to give hackers and security researchers $100,000 if they can hack its new Linux based Azure...

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May 7 · >

Microsoft announces new features to simplify machine learning

To simplify the machine learning process Microsoft has launched three new features, that range from a new interface to...

May 3 · >