Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks and are backing Terrorism; claims Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned exchanges dealing in the cryptocurrency system, saying they might be used for backing...

Oct 11 ·>
Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned exchanges dealing in the crypto-currency system, saying they might be used for backing terrorism.

Dubai to officially launch its own cryptocurrency

The government of Dubai will soon be launching its official cryptocurrency. Numerous economies in the world have started to...

Oct 2 ·>

Cryptocurrency jobs have doubled in the last 6 months, Report

The cryptocurrency market is thriving right now. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies working in this...

Sep 25 ·>

JPMorgan CEO continues to criticize Bitcoin even though his company bought a whole bunch of it

Jamie Dimon hates Bitcoin. Just recently we told you how CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, called Bitcoin a...

Sep 23 ·>

YCombinator President wants to use Blockchain for investment but calls ICO a ‘scam’

YCombinator, an American seed accelerator, has expressed its interest in adopting Blockchain for investment purposes. With the public’s interest...

Sep 23 ·>

Top 4 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain online courses you need to check out now

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain buzz is riding high right now. Despite the fact that the Cryptocurrency market lost billions...

Sep 22 ·>

How to prevent your computer from being hijacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

You have probably been living under a rock so far this year if you don’t know about Cryptocurrency. As...

Sep 22 ·>

The Pirate Bay is secretly hijacking your CPU power for Cryptocurrency Mining

Everyone is into cryptocurrency these days. And so are Internet pirates. But like pirates are, they are using unethical...

Sep 19 ·>

Russia’s top 5 universities are now offering courses in Cryptocurrency

Leading universities in Russia have started to offer courses in cryptocurrency along with their existing finance curricula. According to...

Sep 19 ·>

Final Stab: Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Must Stop Trading by 30th September, Regulators

In an expected turn of events, Chinese regulators have announced that all Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges must stop trading to...

Sep 15 ·>
China Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value drops below $4,000 for the first time in weeks

Bitcoin has just had a major blow and we’re not sure how long it will take for it to...

Sep 14 ·>

JP Morgan CEO calls Bitcoin a fraud

Bitcoin may be the buzzword of the year but some industry veterans are not buying into the hype. At...

Sep 13 ·>

China to ban Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency exchanges

China really doesn’t want external cryptocurrencies to function in its country. The Internet is abuzz with news that China...

Sep 11 ·>