How this 20-year-old boy is changing the way you maintain your car

Sometimes you look at people younger than yourself and wonder: What was I doing with my life at that...

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Mian Hamza

[Video] Interview of Daniyal Shahid, Founder of KiaSceneHai.pk at The TechJuice Show

The TechJuice Show with Daniyal Shahid of KiaSceneHai.Pk by TechJuice Thanks to one third-year university student who chose to...

Apr 20 ·>

How These Three Entrepreneurs Achieved Success Against All Odds?

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a...

Mar 24 ·>
Successful Entrepreneurs

How Think Global Institute is Helping Pakistani Women Business Owners

TechJuice was in conversation with Amy Scerra – Co-founder and COO at Think Global Institute. TGI comprises of a...

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Mar 17 ·>

Meet the CEO at one of world’s fastest growing payment solution providers from Pakistan

As ironic as it might sound, one of the world’s leading payment processors is operational in Pakistan, yet we...

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Feb 9 ·>
Amir-Wain (1)

Pakistan’s Ethical Hacking Prodigy, Rafay Baloch, on Struggles of White Hat Hackers

Hacking is a word which is always described notoriously hence making everyone uncomfortable but if we dig deeper we...

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Feb 6 ·>
Rafay-Baloch (1)

How RemoteInterview.io is changing the way we hire

In the radically changing world of IT, putting together the right team in adequate time could make or break...

Jan 27 ·>
Remote-Interview-Team (1)

A YCombinator Graduate’s Take on Pakistani Startup Ecosystem

Stories beyond the border is a TechJuice’s exclusive feature in which we will be interviewing, conversing or getting insights...

Jan 8 ·>

Fiza Farhan Featured in Forbes’ List of Young Entrepreneurs

After a successful year for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Pakistan’s talent is onto an early start for a confident ingress...

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Jan 7 ·>

How a Pakistani Student is Educating Slum Through Innovative Technologies

“Society can’t wait. It’s sad there are so many entrepreneurs, business successes and venture capitalists who give no thought...

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Dec 24 ·>

How this Pakistani MBBS student earned half a million dollars through Freelancing

Uzair is a MBBS student at the most prestigious medical school of the country, King Edward. He currently is...

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Dec 22 ·>
Uzair Ikram

Monis Rahman on Rozee, Naseeb & Chalo.pk

Entrepreneurship and tech startups sound like fairly new topics to general public. But what if we tell you that...

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Nov 20 ·>

12 Lessons Young Entrepreneurs can Learn from Winnie-the-Pooh

A. A. Milne was a genius in the word’s truest sense: he stuffed the most important life lessons into...

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