8 advices for young first time startup CEO

Update: It’s a replugged post of last year. ‘It is never too early and never too late to start...

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iCirculate is focusing on recycling old electronic gadgets

Have you ever wondered what happens to the electronic gadgets that you throw away? Most of them end up...

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In search of entrepreneurial diversity in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with a troubled economy, a dismal state of socio-political affairs, and it is a nation...

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Pakistan and India are worst places in the world for Women Entrepreneurs, says a report

Despite having a booming economy and a fast-growing startup ecosystem, India is a pretty bleak place for women entrepreneurs....

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From Interior Sindh to Lahore — Journey of a hard working freelancer to his own company

In the past couple of years, there has been a tremendous surge in freelancing opportunities. People are moving towards...

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9 inspiring Quotes for Pakistani Women to embrace entrepreneurship

We have seen several women entrepreneurs emerged from the Pakistani tech community in the past few years. This might...

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Jul 11 · >

Smashing Stereotype: Girls and Gaming in Pakistan

Gaming zone is a NO-GO AREA for women especially in Pakistan where gender discrimination occurs behind the veil of...

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8 lessons Pakistani Entrepreneurs can learn from the hit TV show, Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the one television show that actually hits all the right keys with geeks and young budding...

Jun 16 · >

8 characteristics that set apart Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Success comes in many ways for entrepreneurs. In today’s digital economy, it is very easy to be assigned a...

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The brave Pakistani woman who changed video gaming landscape with her startup, GRID

Stories beyond the border is a TechJuice’s exclusive feature in which we will be interviewing and getting insights from...

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The TechJuice Show, in conversation with Ghaus Iftikhar of Jumpshare

Ghaus Iftikhar is a serial entrepreneur heading two technology ventures currently – AddictiveTips & Jumpshare. AddictiveTips is a technology...

Jun 8 · >

How young entrepreneurs are transforming Pakistan into a high-tech powerhouse

Pakistan is a nation that’s been gripped for years by political instability, sectarian violence, natural disasters, and poverty. It...

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Salim Ghauri talks about NetSol and his plans of launching an Incubation Center

Elmer Wheeler, the famous persuasive writer, once about achieving success said that the winners in the game of life...

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