5 apps to download before leaving for Hajj

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has launched various apps to assist Hajj pilgrims in performing their Hajj and staying...

Jul 26 ·>

Saudi govt announces free SIM and internet facilities for Hajj Pilgrims

In order to better facilitate the pilgrims coming from far away places, the Saudi government has announced one million...

Jul 19 ·>

Labbaik VR will be your virtual guide for Hajj and exploring the Holy Ka’aba

Labbaik VR aims to guide pilgrims who are going to perform Hajj for the first time by using a...

May 27 ·>

Pakistan gets an electronic system & app to resolve complaints of Hajj pilgrims

To address the complaints of Hajj Pilgrim’s during Hajj days, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has...

Apr 8 ·>

Government of Pakistan to use digital lockets or bracelets for monitoring Hajj pilgrims

After the unfortunate stampede at last years’ Hajj, Government of Pakistan is exploring ways to monitor the pilgrims this...

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Apr 19 ·>
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This startup Book My Umrah lets you find the best value package for your Hajj & Ziyarat

Every year someone from our circle goes to perform Hajj or Umrah. Almost everyone who has had the privilege...

Mar 21 ·>
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