Honda plans to onboard a new partner for the development of Electric Vehicles

As electric-powered cars are becoming the future of the automobile industry, Honda is looking to sink its teeth in...

Dec 3 ·>

Car sales increase by 15% in December 2020

According to the latest statistics issued by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the monthly sales of motorcars in...

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Jan 18 ·>

Honda could be the first to mass-produce Level-3 autonomous cars

Honda has proclaimed that it will be the first car manufacturer in the world to mass-produce level-3 autonomous cars...

Nov 11 ·>

Honda unveils its new electric SUV as a concept

According to famed electric vehicle news breaker InsideEVs, Honda has teased an exciting all-electric vehicle. While we don’t have...

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Sep 29 ·>

Honda’s upcoming connected cars will use 5G to communicate

We are quickly moving towards the future of automobiles where even cars will have internet access and they’ll be...

Nov 16 ·>
HONDA connected cars

WannaCry hits Honda’s production line

Amidst global ransomware cyber attack, this time WannaCry has hit one of Japan’s leading car manufacturing company in the...

Jun 22 ·>