Google earned in 9 years what Apple earned in one quarter of iPhone sale

The revenues and profit figures that Google earns from Android have finally been revealed, and they aren’t as much...

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Jan 22 ·>

Angry Apple users sign a petition demanding headphone jack in iPhone7

The rumor that Apple is going to remove the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7 has totally gone...

Jan 11 ·>

Why I Will Never Buy An iPhone!

“So, we’re going to reinvent the phone,” said the guy in the black turtle-neck and blue jeans, as simple...

Sep 18 ·>

Viral Pakistani video explains how relatives abroad send us expensive phones

“Is that the latest iPhone?” “Yes, my aunt brought it for me from America when she came last month!”...

Sep 8 ·>

Apple’s iPhone Event On September 9th- Invites Sent Out

Let the hype begin! Apple has finally sent out its invites for its big event and it is to...

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Aug 28 ·>
Siri event

18-year-old’s life saved by Siri

Siri, Apple’s famous little artificial intelligence assistant, saved the life of an 18-year old in a recent incident and...

Aug 26 ·>

Your iPhone 6 Could Last A Week On This New Hydrogen Battery

If you feel that your iPhone 6 or any other modern smartphone dies down too soon and you are...

Aug 26 ·>

Samsung is giving away their smartphones for a 30-day test drive to iPhone Users

Samsung is hoping to convert hardcore iPhone fans to Samsung by offering a free one-month test drive. For the...

Aug 22 ·>

What to expect at Apple WWDC 2013

On June 12 Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s conference will take place. Last year apple introduced Siri enhancements, iOS 6, a...

Apr 28 ·>

10 things I hate about Android

I have been using Android Phones for a long time now, despite the fact that I am a ‘fandroid’...

Apr 7 ·>