Chinese are angry with America, so they are smashing their iPhones

What would you do if America made a decision that isn’t in favor of your country? Protest in the...

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Jul 20 · >

Steve Jobs may not have been the inventor of iPhone after all

Over the years, we have seen the many controversies surrounding Apple and its late co-founder Steve Jobs. There have...

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Jun 11 · >

For every iPhone Apple sells, 5 Androids are sold

Renowned Wall Street venture capitalist, Mary Meeker, has released the 2016 Internet Trends report, providing an interesting look at...

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Jun 2 · >

Don’t update to iOS 9.3, bug crashes Safari, Chrome when you click on a link

Days ago, Apple dispatched the latest iOS update to millions of iDevices around the globe but users are now...

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Mar 28 · >

4 inch iPhone SE and iPad pro announced at Apple keynote event

Just moments ago, Apple concluded the much awaited event with the announcement of the latest Apple iPhone and iPad....

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Mar 21 · >

Apple sends out invites for 21st March Event, iPhone and iPad expected

In a surprise move, Apple has sent out invites for an event on the 21st of March on which...

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Mar 10 · >

Apple to introduce 4-inch iPhone 5SE in May

New reports have come to light, pointing to the launch of a new mid-range 4-inch iPhone 5SE by Apple...

Jan 23 · >

Google earned in 9 years what Apple earned in one quarter of iPhone sale

The revenues and profit figures that Google earns from Android have finally been revealed, and they aren’t as much...

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Jan 22 · >

Angry Apple users sign a petition demanding headphone jack in iPhone7

The rumor that Apple is going to remove the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7 has totally gone...

Jan 11 · >

Why I Will Never Buy An iPhone!

“So, we’re going to reinvent the phone,” said the guy in the black turtle-neck and blue jeans, as simple...

Sep 18 · >

Viral Pakistani video explains how relatives abroad send us expensive phones

“Is that the latest iPhone?” “Yes, my aunt brought it for me from America when she came last month!”...

Sep 8 · >

Apple’s iPhone Event On September 9th- Invites Sent Out

Let the hype begin! Apple has finally sent out its invites for its big event and it is to...

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Aug 28 · >