Whatsapp is testing two more forwarded message features to curb mob lynchings

Whatsapp has been combating the spread of misinformation and rumors after fake Whatsapp forwards leave nine lynched to death...

Jul 24 ·>

Samsung bug is sending your photos to your contacts without your consent

Samsung users have reported a bug that sends photos to your contacts without your consent as reported by Android...

Jun 28 ·>

Samsung, once again, lets you set customized notification tone per contact

Samsung now has brought back the popular feature that allowed users to set a customized messaging tone for individual...

Jun 19 ·>

Google launches Android messaging web client

Back in February, rumors about Google working on a web-interface enabling usage of Android messages on computers started spinning....

Jun 19 ·>

iCloud can now store all your messages

Apple has released the latest version of MacOS High Sierra that now supports storing messages in iCloud. The new...

Jun 4 ·>

Facebook faces lawsuit over collecting users’ data of text and call history

Facebook is having yet another legal headache — cause — it collected users’ personal data and sold it to...

May 25 ·>

65 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp every 24 hours

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application in the world. Back in 2014, when Facebook announced that...

May 9 ·>

Gmail users receiving spam emails from their own accounts

When it comes to filtering out unwanted spam messages, Google’s old school emailing service, Gmail is usually pretty good...

Apr 23 ·>

Over 29 million WhatsApp messages are sent every minute

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application in the world. And recently the company has been introducing...

Apr 4 ·>

How to restore your WhatsApp account if you have lost your phone

Losing a smartphone today could be deemed as your worst nightmare, with all your data and lovely apps in...

Feb 19 ·>

Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Google is working on a new project “Instant Replies” suggestions for all of your favorite regular Android messaging apps...

Feb 14 ·>
VOIP apps used by terrorists