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ChatGPT’s New Update Will Allow Personalized Interactions

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
According to details, the new feature will give ChatGPT the ability to remember your preferences and personal details for future interactions

ChatGPT is getting an exciting new update which will give the AI Chatbot an ability to remember personal details such as your name, age, interests and even preferences, basically anything that you want it to remember; the chatbot will then use this information to make its responses more personalized and specific.

Allowing users to set up certain preferences for all future conversations, the ‘custom instructions’ feature will give users a greater control on how ChatGPT responds to their questions.

“ChatGPT will consider your custom instructions for every conversation going forward. The model will consider the instructions every time it responds, so you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation,” said OpenAI in its statement.

Allowing users to have a default set of preferences will narrow down the size of prompts, since the chatbot would already know a ton of stuff about you and would use that information alongside your prompt to bring out the best results.

Say for example you are a Muslim that wants to search for steak recipes that do not involve the use of alcohol, then you can simply set up a new preference, informing ChatGPT to only show recipes that do not involve alcohol; each recipe suggested after this preference selection will have no alcohol in its ingredients.

Excited to use the feature? It is currently available in beta version and starts with the Plus plan but is expected to be rolled out for all users in the coming weeks.


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