PlayStation Network Faced A Global Outage, Multiplayer, Store And Other Features Down

Recently, PlayStation Network faced a global outage where users were unable to access the store services and engage in...

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Apr 29 · >

Google Docs And Sheets Faced An Outage Globally

On Monday, multiple Google services experienced a global outage where users were unable to create new documents in the...

Apr 13 · >

Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are down

As of now, numerous Microsoft services including Microsoft Teams and Xbox Live are experiencing outages for multiple users. According...

Apr 2 · >

Microsoft’s recent cloud outage affects Teams, Azure and Xbox Live

In recent news, numerous Microsoft products which are dependent on cloud infrastructure are currently facing issues. This is said...

Mar 16 · >

WhatsApp starts its new year with a brief global outage including Pakistan

Yes, this happens when billions of users start sending new year wishes to each other, but we are not...

Jan 1 · >

WhatsApp’s second outage upsets users

Messaging app WhatsApp came under strict scrutiny by users after its second outage in the span of two weeks....

May 18 · >