Self Driving Cars

Report claims Uber’s self-driving car crash occurred due to a software bug

Uber has discovered the reason why one of the test cars in its fledgling self-driving car fleet struck and...

May 8 · >

Jack Ma confirms research on self-driving cars of Alibaba is underway

Alibaba Group is looking forward to stepping on the driverless cars bandwagon. Jack Ma, the Chinese tech billionaire and...

Apr 21 · >

Self-driving Uber car kills a woman in the road accident

An Uber’s autonomous vehicle hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona, Southwestern United States. After the...

Mar 20 · >

Self-driving cars will be moving on streets within 3 years, claims CEO Nvidia

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, the famed brain maker for supercomputers said in an analyst conference call that self-driving...

Nov 10 · >

This self-driving car can avoid obstacles like professional drivers

Renault, a car manufacturer based in France has developed technology that enables self-driving cars to avoid obstacles in emergency...

Nov 8 · >

Blackberry is making a massive comeback

There used to be a time when Blackberry was the ‘cool phone’ that everyone wanted. But then came along...

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Sep 29 · >

Samsung is the newest player in the self-driving car business

Samsung is setting up another $300m fund in order to further its efforts into the self-driving car domain. The...

Sep 14 · >

The first National law on self-driving cars passed

Finally a law for the speedy deployment of self driving vehicles has been passed. The US lawmakers decided to...

Sep 7 · >

Newly introduced Audi A8 is a semi-autonomous car with lasers and foot massagers

Audi has introduced its first ever semi-autonomous car with Level 3 autonomy that can self drive up to 60km/hr,...

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Jul 11 · >

Google’s self-driving computers can now qualify as Drivers

In a new landmark ruling by the U.S. vehicle safety regulators, Google’s famous self-driving computers can finally be qualified...

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Feb 11 · >