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FIA is monitoring social media to restrict anti-national propaganda

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is keeping a close eye on social media and other digital platforms to curb...

Feb 26 ·>

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena gets its first Counter-Strike Winner from Lahore

If you’d walked into the Portal gaming center in Lahore this weekend, here’s what you’d have seen: teams of...

Oct 22 ·>

Saudis one of the highest active users of Snapchat

According to Snapchat, in Saudi Arabia, there are around 9 million active daily users, 55% of them are women,...

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Jul 26 ·>

Twitter suspended 70 million fake accounts in May & June 2018

Twitter has reportedly suspended around 70 million accounts in just two months i.e May and June 2018 in an...

Jul 19 ·>

People are boycotting Careem & here is why

Social media is enraged at Careem and boycotting the popular ride-hailing service in Pakistan. Netizens in Pakistan are boycotting...

Jul 9 ·>

WhatsApp now allows you to re-download your deleted media files

WhatsApp in its latest update introduced a much-needed feature that comes as a relief for most of us who...

Jul 5 ·>
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Social Media is making children lonelier, new report

According to a new report from a child support group, children are feeling more lonely and insecure due to...

Jul 3 ·>

This is how you can play WhatsApp Voice messages privately

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world. As reported in one of my previous stories, it...

Jun 26 ·>
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Facebook now helps you to spend less time on it

Facebook wants you to spend less time on it by introducing a feature called “Your Time on Facebook”. The...

Jun 25 ·>

Instagram announces its standalone long-form video hub, IGTV

There have been several talks about Instagram rolling out a separate platform for longer videos, in a head-on competition...

Jun 21 ·>

Instagram is not going back to chronological feed – Here’s why

Instagram has been constantly improving its app through new features and updates, lately. From muting an account to the...

Jun 4 ·>

Facebook admits that it was late in restricting fake news and election interference

The social media giant, Facebook has yet again continued its apology tour, as its second most powerful executive and...

May 30 ·>

Facebook adds ‘Send to WhatsApp’ feature initially for selected users

Though Facebook is still facing backlash over one of the worst data privacy scandal in tech industry’s history, it...

May 28 ·>
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