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Top 5 Hidden Uses Of AI That May Surprise You

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Artificial intelligence has taken an important place in every field in recent years. It has experienced a meteoric rise. We have witnessed many creative answers and activities and were impressed by its image generators and writing tools.

Today, many of us use chatGPT in different ways, such as writing emails, article summaries, cover letter emails, and homework Assistance.

However, its conversational model can do a lot more, and a user might be surprised by the still undiscovered uses.
ChatGPT is the creation of OpenAI, based on the Natural Language Model (NLP), to comprehend users’ queries and solve them accurately. As chatGPT is free to use by OpenAI, artificial intelligence has been adopted by millions of users.


Here we are bringing the top 5 amazing uses of AI’s free version.

Spell Checker By ChatGPT

Though multiple paid and unpaid tools are available in the market to check your text, chatGPT can help you by accurately studying your text for free. It not only marks but also corrects the spelling on the spot. Though, the majority of its features occasionally become restricted by a paywall.

The spell checker will help you find all your text’s mistakes, including grammatical errors. ChatGPT also provides you with a solution to correct it.

Translator With ChatGPT

ChatGPT helps you to modify translations to fulfill your specific requirements and suggest modifications. However, it also allows you to change the time and style of your choice.

In addition, it takes into account cultural connotations and regional differences in word meanings.

Get Recipes For Food

ChatGPT has a hidden ability to provide you with the recipes of your choice. Whether you are searching for a diet plan, spicy food, or Italian or desi food. ChatGPT not only provides you with the menu but also gives you the recipe you ask for.

For instance: if you ask chatGPT to provide you with a chocolate cake recipe and provide additional information,chatGPT can generate cooking recipes with their nutritional values.

Concoct A Motto Or Brand Name

ChatGPT is an intelligent and innovative tool with something creative for everyone. ChatGPT is always there if you lack creativity. Users can efficiently utilize chatGPT to have an actual brainstorming session—no matter whether you want to come up with a slogan or a name for your business.

However, it also provides you captions for your social media. ChatGPT will provide you with multiple captions so you can use them accordingly.

Tell Stories To Your Children

ChatGPT can produce quality content. It produces summaries, summarizes the documents, and generates content for your article. ChatGPT already has a feature to write entire books. Therefore, it is widely used by parents worldwide to create brand-new bedtime tales to read to their children.

If your kid cherishes types of creatures or a specific animation, chatGPT can create customized stories that are the most unbelievable and creative one than the other.

It shows that chatGPT is a beautiful creation of 2023.

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