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Apple is Reportedly Using its AI Chatbot for Internal Work

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Apple GPT
Made using Apple’s in-house generative AI system ‘Ajax’, the Apple GPT has already been used to make “AI-related improvements” in features such as Siri and Maps

Apple’s entry into the AI industry was revealed rather recently when it was found testing its own AI Chatbot and OpenAI rival ‘Apple GPT’, but the tech giant still doesn’t seem to be in a rush unlike other mega tech corporations such as Google and Microsoft.

Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, who broke news about Apple’s testing of the ‘Apple GPT’, revealed that Apple is not quite sure about what it wants to do with the Apple GPT on the customer side and is currently restricting it to internal use only.

Gurman stated that Apple has already started using the internal chatbot to help its employees “prototype future features, summarize text and answer questions based on data it has been trained with”.

It’s also been told that the company is looking to expand the use of its chatbot within its own organization and might even provide the chatbot to its AppleCare support staff in an attempt to improve the speed and efficiency of its customer dealing.

Apple understands that AI chatbots have a tendency to provide false information, therefore , before taking this major step, the company will definitely make sure to reduce chances of error to a minimum.

There are “a number of issues that need to be sorted,” said Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook’, in a recent earnings call, therefore indicating that the company will be cautious with its approach towards artificial intelligence; considering a series of recent AI related incidents, a cautious approach seems to be the best way to move forward.

Gurman, who has been closely investigating Apple, wrote that his sources have revealed that the company will have a “significant AI-related announcement” next year.


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