The Gen Z’s passion for gaming is taking the e-sports industry to new heights

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A recent “Think With Google” report highlights the rapidly changing dynamics of gaming and how Gen Z – the generation cohort that follows millennials is influential towards the rapid development of the e-sports industry.

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According to the report, Gen Z’s sense of belonging transgresses racial, regional, and gender boundaries. It has led to viral movements, enabling many young people to develop a collective identity based on their shared passion for gaming. This phenomenon that arises from Gen Z’s ability to connect with people globally has led to major online communities on platforms such as, Twitch and YouTube. The community members don’t just share knowledge and learn about the latest game tricks but attempt to understand each others’ culture better.

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The Google report highlights the aspect of the Gig economy concerning the Gen Z-led gaming revolution. Gaming is proving to be more than something that this generation loves and connects with; but a means to make money. In-app purchases such as mods, weapons, accessories, and coins lead to secondary incomes for most gamers.

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Live streaming, which has reached unprecedented popularity due to the rise of e-sports and the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought forth a new variant of Gen Z streamers monetizing their gaming expertise. The Singapore E-sports team, Chaos Theory, was the first of its kind to offer its players full employment contracts with salaries and health insurance.

The Google report concludes that, as the gaming world continues to evolve and reaches new heights, Gen Zer’s influence will be crucial in its growth.

Source: Think With Google

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