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Twitter’s New Edit Button will Let Users edit tweets up to five Times

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Twitter has initiated internal testing and will shortly broaden the test to certain Twitter Blue subscribers.

Early this year, the firm stated that it was working on a tool that would allow users to modify tweets after they were posted, calling it “our most requested feature to date.” Twitter has initiated internal testing and will shortly broaden the test to certain Twitter Blue subscribers.

How does the Edit tool function?

Users will be allowed to alter tweets “a few times” in a 30-minute window following their publication.

Edited tweets will include an icon, timestamp, and label to indicate that the original message has been edited.

Users will be able to view a tweet’s modification history, which will include previous versions, by clicking.

Labeling tweets and providing access to a post’s history is vital, according to Twitter, because ‘they help safeguard the integrity of the dialogue and establish a publicly available record of what was said.’

In a blog post, the social media business stated that the function will stay in a trial phase for some time, with only a few users, while it analyzed how it is used.


Some opponents have cautioned that it might be used by nefarious actors to propagate misinformation.

In a blog post, Twitter stated, ‘Like any new product, we’re purposely testing Edit Tweet with a smaller group to help us incorporate input while finding and fixing possible issues. This includes how users may use the functionality. It is impossible to be too cautious.

We’ll be expanding Edit Tweet access to Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. As part of their membership, they have early access to features and assist us in testing them before they are available to Twitter.

At the start, the test will be limited to a single country, and it will be expanded as we learn and monitor how people use Edit Tweet. We’ll also be watching how the functionality affects how people read, create, and interact with tweets.’


For now, this functionality will only be available on Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is a monthly membership service accessible in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that provides users with extra capabilities not available to the general public.

Many Twitter users, who have been demanding an Edit tool for years, will be delighted at the news.

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