A British-Pakistani team launches an app that helps in sharing moments with privacy

By TechJuice on
March 12, 2019
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A British-Pakistani tech team has recently introduced an online interactive platform for the safety and privacy of your family. The Moment Pin app allows families to share cherished memories with privacy. The team aims to revolutionize the system of social media forever.

The Moment Pin app is not a product but the solution to the lack of safety in the online world. One of the most meaningful changes that the app will make in the world is by connecting several generations across the globe, locally, domestically and internationally.

Nabeel Shaikh is the founding member of the Moment Pin App. He worked with a global team of technical experts to ensure that the app is the safest haven.

“We found several problems in the modern social media mechanism and decided to bring a solution to these problems. This is exactly where the moments pin app comes to the fore; while providing a sense of unification. It ensures privacy and allows a better approach to the online world.” Says Shaikh.

The Moment Pin has features to keep the app under complete control of the user. The sharing options along with control on the content makes the app stand out from others. The application also allows parents to host their child’s first account as they are born. This feature will advance in the years until the child can access their own account with the safety features.

“The Moment Pin app keeps the users engaged with safety along with popular features of regular social media.” – Nabeel Shaikh

The Moment Pin app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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