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Amazon Has Been Working on a Technology Similar to Chat GPT Since a Long Time

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy, while talking about generative AI said that Amazon has been working on similar project for a long time

Talking about the booming generative AI industry and the arrival of Chat GPT and other AI tools, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said that Amazon is also actively working on a project that’s similar to Chat GPT.

“I think it’s exciting, what’s possible with generative AI, and it’s part of what you’re seeing with models like ChatGPT. But most large, deeply technical companies like ours, have been working on these very large, generative AI models themselves for a long time” said Jassy in his interview with the Financial Times.

While Amazon continues to use AI in its products such as Alexa or the CodeWhisperer, which is a code recommendation generator owned by Amazon, the company has never released a product that’s built on a generative AI mechanism.

Majorly different from normal AI, generative AI is a trained algorithm that uses a large set of data to generate something new. Now this could be simple text, audio, codes and videos.

This news about Amazon being actively involved in the generative AI industry is surely an exciting one, and brings about a new giant that will probably be releasing generative AI products in competition with companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Talking about competition in the generative AI industry, an Amazon investor ‘Matt McIlwain’ said that “Microsoft is clearly in the lead and has won a lot of mindshare here”. Moving forward into the generative AI industry, Amazon “needs to have its strategic response” added the investor.

CEO Jassy, in his interview with the Financial Times said that the company is now looking to partner up with smaller firms that are working in the generative AI industry.


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