7 Lakh Pakistani Youngsters Including 92K Highly Educated Left Pakistan For Employment

Over 31 percent of the country’s graduated youth is currently unemployed, revealed a report on the employment situation released...

Dec 14 ·>

Chinese Students Invent Coat That Makes People Invisible to AI Security Cameras

Students of China’s Wuhan University have developed a coat that can fool AI security and the person wearing it...

Dec 8 ·>

SBP Announces New Regulations To Ensure Launch of Digital Currency (CBDC) by 2025

Pakistan registers itself in the list of countries trying to achieve CBDC (central bank digital currency) after India, China...


6 Must-Watch Netflix Movies For Tech Enthusiasts

Technology is getting more and more interesting every day and the innovations that are being made blow everyone’s mind...

Dec 6 ·>

What Are The Six Ways To Save Outlook Emails As PDFs?

Outlook plays a significant role in the life of a professional person, as in offices, employees always send documents...

Dec 5 ·>

Ahsan Iqbal Announces Scholarships For 20,000 Unemployed Graduates

Note: Details about applying for the scholarships are given at the end of the article. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for...

Dec 2 ·>

Railway Police Introduces Modern E-police Post Mobile Application

Pakistan Railway Police successfully launched a modern-e-police post mobile application (app) to access the record of criminals. According to...

Dec 2 ·>

One Million Young People Will Be Taught Digital Skills Under National Skills Development Program

National Skills Development Program, in collaboration with DigiPAKISTAN, will teach 1 million people skills in various fields of computer...

Dec 2 ·>

PITB Launches Digital Hunar 2.0 Program to Empower Thousands with Digital Skills

Punjab Government launched Hunar Program a while ago and it proved to be very beneficial for the young lot...

Nov 30 ·>

48,000 Students Got Digital Training Under e-Rozgar So Far

About 48,000 educated youngsters got digital training under e-Rozgar schemes and are earning livelihood amicably through the modern concept...

Nov 29 ·>

5 Tips For Using Microsoft Word And Make Your Documents More Likable

Microsoft Word is by far the best writing software the world has seen for not just its simplicity but...

Nov 28 ·>
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University Graduates Even With Top Results Lack Industry Skills and Fail to Get Jobs

Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 25,000–30,000 computer science graduates per year. With this amount of graduates, Pakistan...

Nov 24 ·>

Google And TikTok Soon Are Coming To Islamabad- Federal Government

Yesterday(Wednesday, 24 November), Federal Information Technology (IT) Minister Syed Aminul Haque said while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad that...