5 Free Video Editing Software; Best Free Replacements for Premiere Pro

Videos are everywhere, and every good video needs a video editor to be great, let it be YouTube videos,...

video editing

More Than 20,000 People Lost Their Jobs Due To Tech Layoffs This Year

‘Layoff’ is the darkest word of this year for anyone working in the tech industry this year knowing that...


6 Tips To Nail Your First Tech Interview

Tech interviews can be intimidating and it is natural to feel worried about your next interview and keep looking...


Focusing on Problems Versus Focusing on Solutions; Burhan Mirza Settles the Debate with a Solution-Focused Argument

To settle this debate, we need to focus on both sides of the spectrum and develop a solution that...

Nov 10 ·>
Burhan Mirza

Nine Chinese Bank Accounts Frozen For Committing Rs.1.1B ‘Fraud’ In Karachi

The Accountability Court of Karachi has allowed an anti-graft watchdog to seek the freezing of nine bank accounts of...

Nov 10 ·>

Nearly 50 Texas Students Will Retake SATs Since Answer Sheets “Flew Out Of UPS Truck”

Students appearing for exams sometimes have to go through a lot. Such as having a mental breakdown due to...

Nov 9 ·>

New Technology, VeinViewer Allows Docs To See A Patient’s Veins Before Injecting

Healthcare workers in Monticello have developed the ability to see a patient’s veins before poking them with a needle....

Nov 8 ·>

Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis May Help In Reducing Hospital Pressures

Researchers believe the artificial intelligence technology of detecting Covid-19 via X-ray may help reduce hospital pressure. The technology was...

Nov 8 ·>

5 High-Specs Laptops for Kids In 2022

Does the question arise whether to buy a smartphone or laptop for your kids or not? Every parent seems...

Nov 7 ·>

MOIT Launches Rs.41 Billion IT Park In Karachi With 200 Tech Companies And 20,000 Job Opportunities

The ministry of information technology and telecom is set to launch a mega project of multi-billion-rupee IT Park project...

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NASA Claims To Launch A Mission That Can Make Us All Billionaires

Nasa is planning to send out satellites in order to thoroughly study an asteroid that is worth more than...

Nov 4 ·>

Edkasa; Pakistan’s First TikTok e-Learning Start-up Raises $320K in Pre-Seed

TikTok has partnered with Pakistan’s first Edtech start-up, Edkasa, and LUMS to launch a digital learning program to facilitate...


Dubai Is Leading The World Into Metaverse Universe

Just like many fields of tourism, tech, business, or infrastructure, Dubai is far ahead of everyone in the Metaverse...