Top 10 Android Applications by Pakistani Developers

Pakistanis are striding ahead in many fields but IT crowd in Pakistan has grown prominent in the past few...

Feb 5 ·>

Nexus 7 (2013) – Review

Nexus 7 (2013) is unquestionably one of the best 7 inch tablet you can have right now. Being a...

Feb 3 ·>
Nexus 7

Can Normandy Project Change Nokia’s Future?

Nokia Normandy Nokia Normandy isn’t a flagship device or one to boast incredible specifications but it has gathered a...

Jan 24 ·>

Best Android Apps of 2013

Apps, the Play Store is full of them, but the best ones are always a few. Few that win...

Jan 22 ·>

QMobile to feature Angelina Jolie in their next TVC!

From the day we first got wind of QMobile’s decision to hire Kareena Kapoor, an acclaimed Bollywood actress, we...

Jan 20 ·>

Conveyance Problem? Order an Easy Taxi!

The message beeps on my phone had accelerated and with each beep, the panic grew. My team members were...

Jan 18 ·>

App Bakery – Building Digital Bridges for the Younger Generation!

There is an abundance of applications related to games and music. It is only now and then that you...

Jan 14 ·>

Invest in a Sturdy Mid-Range Tablet! [Video]

Mid-Range Device with Good Specs There are many mid-range devices in the market that will fit your need. From...

Jan 12 ·>

The Fascinating world of iBeacons

Near field communication or NFC for short is one technology that Apple did not want to lay their hands...

Jan 7 ·>

99 Best Android Wallpapers you should try!

Customization is one of the areas where Android Shines bright and android wallpapers play the major role in customization;...

Jan 5 ·>

Gourmet foods diving into unusual by stepping into smartphone!

Pakistan has the fastest growing mobile phone business since last decade with intense competition by global giants like Samsung,...

Dec 30 ·>

Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Technology has now become a part of our life, it helps us carry out tasks in more efficient way...

Dec 29 ·>

5 Smartphones You Should Look Forward to in 2014

Motorola PhoneBlok Working under Google, Motorola has already shown promise. Moto G is being hailed as the best budget...

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