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All Snapchat Users Can Now Use Snapchat on The Web

Snapchat just recently announced that it is making the Snapchat web feature available for all users, made for users...

Sep 21 ·>

YouTube’s 10 Unskippable Advertisement Experiment Finally Comes to an End: Will it Soon Become a Permanent Feature?

Just a few weeks before, a large number of Youtube free users took it to different social platforms and...

Sep 20 ·>

Taliban Government to Ban PUBG Mobile and TikTok in Afghanistan

After being in Government for over a year, the Taliban’s have banned around 23.4 million websites and are now...

Sep 19 ·>
Taliban ban Pubg And Tiktok

Which Are The Famous Pakistani TikTokers Trending On Twitter?

Some famous Pakistani TikTokers are trending on Twitter as people are criticizing them for promoting Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s...

Sep 19 ·>

Most Followed TikToker Khaby Lame Reveals his Multimillion-dollar Salary

Khaby Lame, the creator with the most followers on TikTok, has disclosed the astounding amount of money he can...

Sep 16 ·>
Khaby lame

Delhi Police Is Using Pakistani Cricketers’ Missing Catch Video to Give Lecture about Road Safety

Recently, a video was circulating on the internet that showed two Pakistani cricketers colliding while fielding. So Delhi Police...

Sep 14 ·>
Pakistani Cricketers Missing Catch

Instagram is Testing a new Monetization Feature for Creators called “Gifts”

The tipping feature, which would provide content producers with a new opportunity to monetize their work on Instagram, is...

Sep 14 ·>

10-Year Old Musa Tanveer Becomes First Pakistani YouTuber to Win a Diamond Play Button

10-Year-Old Pakistani Youtuber Musa Tanveer just became the first one to cross 10 million subscribers and win Youtube’s diamond...

Sep 14 ·>
Musa Tanveer

You may get old faster due to excessive blue light from screens: Study

According to the findings of a recent study, prolonged exposure to the blue light emitted by modern gadgets such...

Sep 12 ·>
Blue light

Twitter’s New Edit Button will Let Users edit tweets up to five Times

Twitter has initiated internal testing and will shortly broaden the test to certain Twitter Blue subscribers. Early this year,...

Sep 9 ·>

Twitter is testing the WhatsApp share icon on tweets for India’s Android Users

In India, Twitter is experimenting with a new method of sharing tweets by putting a WhatsApp button under the...

Sep 9 ·>
Twitter India

Six Gulf states including Saudi Arabia warn Netflix over content violating “Islamic values”

Netflix has been threatened with legal action by a collection of Persian Gulf governments if it continues to broadcast...

Sep 9 ·>

Fake Apple Crypto Event Streamed on Youtube, Fools Thousands of Viewers

An anonymous user on YouTube was live broadcasting an old interview with Tim Cook, which appeared to be being...

Sep 8 ·>
Fake Apple live stream