Punjab IT board introduces a real-time flood monitoring system

If you check the news regularly you must know the catastrophe floods have occurred in Chitral and other areas....

Aug 5 ·>

You can now be tracked with your device’s remaining battery power

A group of researchers including four French and Belgian security researchers believes that users can be tracked online with...

Aug 5 ·>

This cute little game depicts the importance of self-driving cars

Self-driving cars can eliminate the need of human control and thus, are not prone to human error. These cars...

Aug 5 ·>

Indian Agency imports American tech to capture terrorists online

The Indian federal agency responsible for counter-terrorism, National Investigation Agency (NIA) has set up a dedicated cell to monitor...

Aug 5 ·>
Online Security

Turing Phone aims to be the world’s most secure phone ever

A while ago, a little-known company named “Turing Robotic Industries” (TRI) announced an unusual phone design named “Turing Phone”...

Aug 4 ·>

Largest plane in the world ready to take a flight

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen planned to build the largest plane in the world in 2011 under his company, Stratolaunch...

Aug 4 ·>

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to generate a massive 8,800 MW in the next decade

The President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, when addressing an inaugural ceremony of International Nathiagali Summer College on Physics and...

Aug 4 ·>
Electricity Generation

Apple Siri will now answer calls for you

Apple has always been appreciated for their efforts of thinking outside the box. Now, the company wants Siri to...

Aug 4 ·>

Federal Government quietly imposes another tax on Internet connections all over Pakistan

Only a few days ago, Government of Punjab gave us a relief from the on-and-off 19.5% tax that has...

Aug 3 ·>
Internet Tax

Pakistan secures US patent for electronic warfare

The Electrical Engineering faculty of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has obtained a US patent for their...

Aug 3 ·>

Pakistani researcher develops a facial recognition tool that recognises in complete darkness

Two scientists from a German university have developed a facial recognition tool which recognises a human face in complete...

Jul 30 ·>

Samsung’s new commercial image sensor reaches 1μm pixel size – First in the industry

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung has announced the mass production of the mobile industry’s first ever image sensor...

Jul 30 ·>

Telecom companies can now share data with local law authorities

Sindh government has agreed that telcos and local law authorities should work hand in hand for the prevention of...

Jul 30 ·>
IT and Telecom Industry