Government Issues Warning Against ‘Infected’ Google Play Apps

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

It has been reported that an Android Malware dubbed ‘Goldoson’ is badly affecting Google Pay Store’s/Android applications via the malicious library. This directly belongs to a third party, and developers use it in their applications.

Recently the government has imposed to charge legal action against ‘infected’ Google Play Apps. The government has taken steps and warned that Android Malware Goldoson infected Google Play apps and further advised to remain proactive while installing or downloading apps, even from the most trusted links. However, adopting best practices of filtering app permissions and checking developers’ legitimacy and reviews is also recommended.

In addition, the government has issued a warning letter that Android Malware named Goldoson allegedly infiltrated the Google Play Store through 60 legitimate apps. Goldson is an Android Malware that collects a list of applications installed and a history of WiFi and Bluetooth devices information involving nearby GPS locations.

Google Play Store

Additionally, the software app includes a feature that enables it to engage in ad fraud by clicking on ads in the background without the user’s notification or approval. In addition, McAfee Mobile Security detects the threat as Android/Goldson and helps protect the customers from this and other mobile threats. According to the Davos issued by the government, nearly 60 dedicated apps allowed Android Malware, typically known as Goldoson, to infiltrate the Google Play Store.

The malicious malware app is part of a third-party library many developers and researchers use. Goldson Malware is capable enough to collect data on mobile, including app details, GPS location, and wirelessly connected devices. However, it can also affect the system and perform advertisement fraud by clicking ads without the user’s consent. It affects HTML code which loads the web pages in the background without asking users to increase the traffic on multiple URL visits to gain profit.

A few infected apps are as follows:

  • Bounce Brick Breaker
  • Swipe Brick Breaker
  • Korea Subway Info: Metroid etc
  • GOM Player
  • GOM Audio-Music, Sync lyrics
  • Pikicast
  • Live-score, Real-Time Score
  • Compass 9: Smart Compass
  • Lotte World Magicpass
  • Infinite Slice
  • SomNote
  • L.Point with L.Pay
  • Money Manager Expense & Budget

The advisory has also notified that Google Play has already blacklisted all the apps mentioned above, but users are still advised to manually check and remove these apps on their own (if previously installed)

In addition, users are also advised to remain cautious and proactive while installing or downloading any app, even if it’s from a trusted source. Users are also advised to adopt best practices and sites by limiting permissions, reviews, legitimacy and checking developers.

Hence, by following the safeguard practices, users can minimize the risk of being affected by malicious malware and ensure the security of their devices and personal information. It is also requested always to review the app details, user reviews, number of downloads, and additional information section.

In addition, Google Play protection should be enabled to be on the safe side. Install and maintain Anti-spyware and Anti-virus software. Do extensive research before clicking on any website provided in the message.

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