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Women take on social media to expose sexual harassment through #MeToo campaign

It all started two days ago when an actress Alyssa Milano tweeted to initiate a social media campaign against...

Oct 18 · >

AIM is shutting down after 20 years & people are sharing memories on Twitter

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was a big part of the 90’s people’s lives at some point. The messenger was...

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Oct 7 · >

10 lessons you can learn from the world’s most successful people

The one question young people often ask is what can they learn from the world’s most successful people? And...

Sep 14 · >

Instagram now lets users share Stories directly to Facebook

Facebook more tightly integrates Instagram in its platform. The recent development on this front has been the ability to...

Sep 7 · >

China is the world’s largest Cryptocurrency market, China Internet Report 2017

China has steadily become a force to be reckoned with in the international economy and they have achieved this...

Aug 28 · >

Cellular Operators Demand Tax Cuts

Cellular operators have demanded of the government to do away with some forms of taxes that apply to them....

May 4 · >

Jazz SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2019

Today, we will be telling you about different Jazz SMS Packages including daily, weekly, and monthly. We will take...

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May 2 · >

Jazz Call Packages 2019 Prepaid and Postpaid

Today, we are going to tell you about different Jazz Call Packages offered by the telco in the Prepaid...

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Apr 17 · >

Jazz 2G, 3G & 4G Internet Packages 2019

Today, we will be telling you about the different Jazz Internet Packages that include Jazz 2G Internet Packages, Jazz...

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Apr 9 · >

Zong 2G, 3G & 4G Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Social, Prepaid, Postpaid 2019

Today we are going to take a look at Zong Internet Packages which include Zong 2G, 3G & 4G Internet...

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Mar 31 · >

Facebook copies Snapchat AGAIN to launch Stories, in-app Camera and Direct feature

Facebook has rolled out Snapchat-style stories, camera effects and Instagram-like direct sharing option. Snapchat was the first of all...

Mar 30 · >

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime Review

Although Samsung is the most popular Android manufacturer in the world, it is not exactly known for budget friendly...

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Nov 21 · >

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Review

Returning from the debacle of Galaxy Note 7, which was not even released in Pakistan, Samsung hopes to entice...

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Nov 17 · >

Why are Google Allo’s privacy concerns overstated?

Google finally releases their messaging app for both Android and iOS this Wednesday. Although the app received appreciation for...

Sep 25 · >

Hackers are going to take down Pokemon Go on 1st of August just for the fun of it

A recent Pokemon Go outage, allegedly caused by a hacker group called the “PoodleCorp”, rendered the game unplayable for...

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Jul 19 · >

The UN Ruling is out, Internet is now your basic human right

The Human Rights Council of the global intergovernmental organization, United Nations, has labeled “Internet Access” a basic human right...

Jul 5 · >