Superior University’s startup stands first at Pakistan’s biggest tech conference

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Superior University’s startup, EyeAutomate made history at Momentum Tech Conference – Pakistan’s biggest annual tech conference, by winning first prize at the conference competing against hundreds of participating tech startups from across Pakistan. The startup won a cash prize of PKR 500,000, an electric bike, Facebook Advertisement worth $5,000 and one-year brand consultancy for Acceleration Program by OLX.

EyeAutomate is Pakistan’s first startup to create an eye gaze control tracking software that enables the physically disabled to carry out activities with the movement of their eyes.

The story of the co-founders, Shahzad Younas (CMO, EyeAutomate) and Hamza Javaid (CTO, EyeAutomate) started with the vision of one woman – Dr. SumairaRehman, Rector Superior University, who envisioned the power of entrepreneurship and brought about an entrepreneurial revolution at The Superior Group under the umbrella of Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED).

The duo started their startup as a final year project during their BS CSIT at Superior University with consistent motivation from Dr. Sumaira Rehman who made them believe in the power of their idea and more so in themselves.

“Dr. Sumaira is like a mother to me. Hadn’t it been for her belief in us, her tireless efforts and motivation, we wouldn’t have been able to stand up for our own idea. If there’s one person who we would give credit to for this success that you see, then that would be Dr. Sumaira Rehman.”

– ShahzadYounas, Cofounder EyeAutomate

Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University

As fancy as it seems, the story of Superior University coming to the point where its startup wins the biggest startup award in Pakistan, was a journey of struggle and determination of one woman – Dr. Sumaira Rehman, known as the ‘Iron Lady behind Entrepreneurial Revolution’ at The Superior Group. Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, Dr. Sumaira Rehman translated her passion for entrepreneurship into Entrepreneurial Revolution Program which gave birth to Entrepreneurial Teaching and Training Program (ETTP) and Social Entrepreneurship Program run by CMACED at Superior University.

To date, CMACED has implemented ETTP across 6 departments through 16 courses, has trained 40 + faculty members leading to the creation of 170+ startup idea projects by more than 850 students. ETTP has created startups in the domains of healthcare, technology, media, architecture, aviation, and engineering.

Not only that, CMACED has been impacting lives through its Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP). SEP has successfully given shape to 150 social entrepreneurship projects by engaging more than 1500 students, training them to be active citizens of the society. To date, 60 social projects have been funded by external investors amounting to PKR 10.5 million worth of funding.

With initiatives like these, the time is not far away when Pakistan will have a plethora of entrepreneurs working towards a common goal of making Pakistan economically superior.

The story has been produced in collaboration with Superior University and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of TechJuice editorial staff.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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